The 5 Best Music Stores in Dubai
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The 6 Best Music Stores in Dubai

Looking to start learning some tunes? It might be time to pay some of the best music stores in Dubai a visit.

Learning how to play the drums, the guitar, the piano, or any other instrument demands a lot of time and money. That’s why it is best that you get your equipment from a place that’s reliable and is guaranteed to give you the best deal.

To help you with this, we’ve gathered the four best music stores in Dubai to get your equipment from. Check them out here:

How Much Do Musical Instruments Cost

The cost of your musical instrument will vary based on things like type, brand, and even rarity. To give you a rough idea, here is a simple table on the price of different instruments in Dubai.

Instrument TypeTypical Price Range (in AED)
Acoustic GuitarAED 588 - AED 3,255
Bass Guitar (Electric)AED 3,549 - AED 6,090
Electric GuitarAED 945 - AED 24,150
Drum SetAED 2,284 - AED 6,504
Keyboard (Electronic)AED 292 - AED 1,485

Choosing the Best Music Stores in Dubai

A musical instrument can be a big time and money investment so you want to getone from a good and reliable source. We’ve taken a look at these music stores based on these categories:

Item Selection – How diverse are the store’s catalogue of instruments? How many different brands do they carry?
Facilities – Is the store clean and well-organised? How easy is it to find the exact item you are looking for?
Customer Service – How attentive are their staff? How knowledgeable and how helpful are their customer service representatives?
Accessibility – How accessible is the store to the public? How easy is it to navigate once you are inside?

1. Sadek Music Shop

Sadek Music Shop's Homepage
SERVICESElectric and Acoustic Guitars

Bass Guitars

Piano/Keyboards & Synthesisers

Studio Equipment


ADDRESSDubai Mall: Dubai Mall Shop Level 2, next to Galeries Lafayette near the Food Court and Cinema, Cinema Parking, P7

Deira - Dubai: Burj Nahar, Omar bin Al Khattab Street; fish Round About, Opposite Claridge Hotel. Next to Dorus Hotel

CONTACT DETAILSPhone - Dubai Mall: +971 4434 1523

Phone - Deira Dubai: +971 4222 7976 / +971 4222 7652

Email: [email protected]

FACILITIES★★★★★ (5/5)

Sadek Music Centre is a one-stop shop for different kinds of musical instruments. They are also an authorised dealer for well-known brands like Gibson, Epiphone, Martin, Taylor, Schecter, Alhambra, and more.

You can count on the store having a good selection of guitars, keyboards, and even drums. Aside from that however, they also offer studio-grade recording equipment like mixers, audio interfaces, and speakers.

In our opinion, their selection of products makes them a good store for musicians and also for those looking to shoot Youtube videos or host podcasts. Having a great microphone or speaker can do wonders for your video’s audio quality during recordings.

Apart from selling individual pieces, they can also entertain wholesale bulk purchases or even export purchases. However, this is only limited to the brands that they are officially authorised to supply to other regions.

If you’re looking for a good deal, then Sadek Music Store doesn’t disappoint either. By browsing their ‘Specials’ category, you might be able to obtain your dream instrument at a greatly discounted price, letting you save some more money to use for accessories or other purchases.

You can find Sadek Music Stores in Dubai next to the Galeries Lafayette at the Dubai Mall, and near Dorus Hotel and Claridge Hotel at Deira. So if you are located anywhere near these areas, then they should be a convenient place to start your search for your favourite instrument.


  • Competently answers any inquiries regarding their products.
  • Shipping times for online orders are relatively fast.


  • Communication regarding which branch has which item could be improved.
  • No option to purchase individual strings for stringed instruments.

Customer Reviews

“Absolutely smashing the delivery times”

“Sadek Music online have been absolutely smashing the delivery times during the Covid19 restrictions. I placed two orders with them over the last couple of weeks both arrived in under 24 hours. – Really great service.” – Matthew Hammond

“Quality is extremely perfect”

“I am really satisfied with my experience at this shop. As the products provided there are so amazing and their quality is extremely perfect.” – Marija

2. Music Majlis

Music Majlis's Homepage

Pianos & Keyboards

Drums & Percussion

Studio and Recording Equipment

DJ Gear & Music Production

ADDRESSMusicMajlis ℅ Techniline Electronics LLC, P.O. Box 21566
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: +971 56 501 7297

Email: hello@musicmajlis

FACILITIES★★★☆☆ (3.5/5)

Music Majlis is a key player in UAE’s music scene, carrying multiple brands equally, making sure customers have enough choices. This has allowed them to serve as a pillar for the Middle East’s music community for 26 years.

They offer a diverse assortment of musical equipment and accessories in the region. Aside from offering the usual guitars, drums, and studio gear, they also sell equipment and accessories for DJs.

In our opinion, this diverse selection makes them a great choice for musicians looking for a preferred brand or manufacturer. Avid musicians should be able to entertain their personal brand loyalties in the store and may even find themselves spoilt for choice at times.

It is important to note that MusicMajlis is an e-commerce based business. This does help them secure more stock without needing to worry about maintaining overhead.

One downside of this, in our opinion, is that customers may not be able to try the instrument or gear they are purchasing beforehand. Thus, making a purchase will really require a customer to do their due research or otherwise, be familiar with the specific brand they chose.

Of course, this model does help them keep prices low. If you’re a more experienced musician with a preferred brand, you might find online shopping a much more efficient option rather than needing to make the trip yourself.


  • Music Maljis is willing to price match to match the lowest rate on the UAE market
  • A diverse product list of around 6,000 items


  • Stock on the website may take some time to update due to sheer number of inventory
  • High volume of products might make the store feel overwhelming for beginners

Customer Review

“Better rates compared to other sellers with amazing service and response”

“I would highly recommend Music Majlis to everyone. They are fast and product delivered was also in good condition. Better rates compared to other sellers with amazing service and response.” – Rohit Gairola

“Very good product and service experience”

“We bought Yamaha digital piano from MusicMajlis, very good product and service experience. Will recommend to others.” – Sangeeta Prasad

3. Melody House

Melody House's Homepage


Drums & Percussion

Amplifiers and Effects

Recording Equipment

Live Sound

DJ Equipment


ADDRESSThe Shed Branch: The Shed Warehouse 16 & 17 - Al Quoz Industrial Area 3

Fish Roundabout Branch: Melody House, Omar Bin Al Khattab St - Deira

CONTACT DETAILSThe Shed Branch: +971 4323 4912 / +971 55 8439157 (Cellphone)

Email: [email protected]

Fish Roundabout Branch: +971 4227 5336 / +971 55 8439157(Cellphone)

Email: [email protected]

FACILITIES★★★★★ (5/5)

Operating under their motto “For the love of music”, Melody House has strived to be a company for musicians and artists in their local community. They are able to offer a diverse set of products including top-quality brands and products for their clientele.

Melody House not only acts as a one-stop shop for brands like Ludwig, Pearl, Blackstar, and more, you can avail of other functions and services as well. They also offer instrument repairs, letting your old tools get another chance at a performance.

Conducting repairs is really handy in extending the playability of old instruments and we think this service can really help those with old, rare instruments that they wish to hear from again. After all, Melody House repairs can range from a simple restring to a complete restoration.

We think their customer service team is excellent. As part of their community-building, they are able to make sure that there is always someone to approach about your inquiries on the floor.

Aside from shopping, they also give the opportunity for artists to perform at their hubs. You can easily meet, talk, and perform with other musicians in the industry, giving them a chance to express their talents.

All-in-all, we think the Melody House is not only a great place to shop, but also a good avenue to just connect with like-minded people and listen to some good music.


  • Excellent customer service and learning experience
  • Venue is a great place to meet other musicians and to enjoy one of their Jam Nights


  • Peak hours might make it difficult to get adequate service due to number of customers
  • Parking can be challenging

Customer Review:

“A nice hub to visit in the heart of Al Quoz”

“This place is awesome! A place to shop, perform and get your musical instruments repaired! We are so lucky enough to witness one of their Jam Nights accidentally. We were only there for the first time to check some guitars but to our surprise we are welcomed by talented singers/performers that night! A nice hub to visit in the heart of Al Quoz!” – Isabel Luzon

“Awesome vibe”

“Bought a beautiful Handpan here. Staff were so helpful, very knowledgeable. And if guitar is you bag even a place you can jam and hang out. Awesome vibe! – Edward Whitton

4. Thomsun Music Store

Thomsun Music Store's Homepage
SERVICESGuitars & Amplifiers

Pianos and Keyboards

Drums & Percussion


Woodwinds & Strings

Audio-Visual Equipment

Broadcast Equipment

ADDRESSDubai Mall: Audio Visual Store, Level 2, next to Sharaf DG

IBN Battuta Mall: Musical Instruments & Audio Visual Store, Level 1, China Court

Salahuddin Street: Musical Instruments & Audio Visual Store, Salahuddin Street

Wafi Mall: Musical Instruments & Audio Visual Store, Level 1, Wafi Mall

Fish Roundabout: Audio Visual Store, Omar Bin Al Khattab St.

CONTACT DETAILSDubai Mall: +971 4339 1515

Email: [email protected]

IBN Battuta Mall: +971 4366 9385

Salahuddin Street: +971 4266 8181

Wafi Mall: +971 4258 8871

Fish Roundabout: +971 4222 9370

FACILITIES★★★★★ (5/5)

Thomsun initially started back in 1990 by distributing the complete range of Yamaha’s musical and audio products. Now, they have grown and increased the amount of products and services it can offer to musicians living in the UAE.

The organisation has an entire network of different showrooms and offices across the region. We think this should be beneficial to the customer as it should theoretically make it easier to find a nearby store.

Thomsun offers a decent collection of instruments at their stores. Their staff is also rather friendly without feeling pushy, and you can easily ask them for assistance if you need it.

We think this approach helps create a comfortable browsing experience. In our opinion, more introverted customers should feel at ease while looking at the selection without feeling the pressure to actually buy something from the store.

Perhaps the biggest draw for most guitar enthusiasts is that they are the primary dealer for Yamaha and Fender guitars in Dubai. In our opinion, if you are looking specifically for these brands then checking out the stock at Thomsun first should get you the item you want.

Their service centre for Yamaha products is quite exceptional. Their in-house staff is actually trained by Yamaha so we think that you can rest assured that your instruments for repair are in capable hands.


  • Exceptional service centre when it comes to repairs
  • Multiple branches makes it a convenient shop to check out


  • Slight delays in updating the availability of items listed online
  • Customer service over the phone could use some improvements

Customer Review

“They don’t hard sell and are very patient”

“Thomsun carries a good variety of keyboards and AV equipment. The salesman is very attentive and helps a lot in decision making. They listen to the customer’s requirements and work around our budget. It is good that they have a lot of knowledge of each musical instrument and try the items with the customer. They don’t hard sell and are very patient. I would recommend this shop to anyone looking for a good keyboard.” – Fara

“Best music instrument store in Wafi mall”

“Best music instrument store in Wafi mall with variety of guitars, drums, saxophone, keyboards and many more.” – Nisarga Yoga

5. TechnoStore Middle East

TechnoStore Middle East's Homepage

Keyboards & Synthesizers



Audio Devices

ADDRESSCity Tower - 2, 13th Floor, P.O.Box : 22169, Sheikh Zayed Road
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: +971 4234 4228

E-mail: [email protected]

FACILITIES★★★★☆ (4.5/5)

As another eCommerce online store, TechnoStore carries an array of musical instruments, consumer audio devices, studio equipment and more. It is owned and operated by Techo Store Middle East LLC and is headquartered in Dubai.

Upon browsing their product selection, they carry high-end audio-visual and sound brands like AKG, Bose, Epson, Fender, Hitachi, and many others. Customers who want the best of this type of gear should have a great time looking up their preferred brands.

Of course, the big selection does make it a little overwhelming to browse at times. Fortunately, TechnoStore does give customers the option to apply filters and sort out the selection by brand, price, and even colour.

In our opinion, this should make it easier for the customer to browse for their favourite brands without being distracted by competitors.

Delivery is quite fast as well, with some items being delivered on the same day.We think this policy is good for people who might be looking for a crucial piece of audio equipment or gear under time pressure.

Customer service is very good as well. You can easily get updates regarding your shipping and its delivery time when you contact their team.

It may not seem like much but this assurance may go a long way in making first-time online buyers feel more confident when purchasing. We think this also helps them plan any possible activities that might be going on when the delivery does arrive.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Great selection of AV equipment and brands


  • Customers cannot try the items prior to purchase
  • Sorting items by type could be improved

Customer Reviews

“Quick and same day delivery”

“Thank you very much techno store middle east, They provided a quick and same day delivery with a great customer support. I recommend people to shop with them.” – Mohammed Abdul

“Great customer service”

“Great customer service! The piano I was looking for was not in stock and they informed me through Whatsapp about every stage of the shipment until it arrives the warehouse. And it has been delivered to my house within the first day. Thank you very much! – Nazz Turhan

6. DJ Corner

SERVICES Music Stores
ADDRESS15 A Street, Shop #10, Al Joud Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMondays – Saturdays – 10:00 AM  – 10 PM
Sundays – 1:00 PM – 10 PM
FACILITIES★★★★★ (5/5)

If you’re looking for a one-stop DJ shop in UAE, then DJ corner might be the best pick for you. Established in July 2007, they started with a mission to offer DJs the best service possible. With a true passion for product and vast knowledge about the industry, DJ Corner was formed by DJs for DJs. 

With the inclusion of a broad array of music production products, it has grown into a one-stop shop for all music producers. With the spectacular revival of the vinyl record business and an increase in demand for HIFI headphones, headphone amps, and turntables in 2015, they created the HIFI line.

They have a variety of products which includes DJ gears, headphones, turntables, music production gear, musical instruments, and many more. They currently have 4 convenient locations spread all over UAE and also have an online store that reaches out to the whole GCC & Middle East with our delivery partnership with Empost. 


  • High-quality DJ gears 
  • Also provides musical instruments and accessories
  • Provides showrooms in several megastores


  • Rates are a bit pricey

Customer Reviews

I highly recommend this store especially after the renovation. Keep it up guys

“This is best place in dubai to buy your dj equipment … I recently bought a Magma back pack which fits my DDJ 400 perfectly. Today I had a problem with my rekordbox software and Omar (The manager I guess) was very helpful and sat with for more than an hour until the issue was resolved .. can’t thank him enough and I highly recommend this store specially after the renovation. Keep it up guys” – Mostafa El-Masri

Massive thanks to Feroze from DJ Corner at the mall of Emirates for his top class guidance

“I just wanted to say massive thanks to Feroze from DJ Corner at the mall of Emirates for his top , top class guidance and showing me the best products within my budget to purchase. Honestly, I’ve been very lost recently and wasn’t sure what items were actually needed till Feroze showed me. His attention to details are second to none. His communication skills are excellent as well as the ability to understand the mind of the costumer and offer amazing guidance. He’s an amazing person all around and DJ Corner are very luck to have him because honestly if it wasn’t for him now, I’d probably be still looking and not so sure what to buy. So many thanks to Feroze for his amazing costumer service. Really appreciate you, good man!!!”  – Ahmed Tahsin

FAQS About Music Stores in Dubai

Good luck and enjoy playing your tunes! Oh, and if you decided on a guitar as your first instrument and you’re interested in learning how to play, then you can check out our list of best guitar tutors in Dubai.